The suffering of an Eritrean refugee

Philemon Semere, an Eritrean refugee, tells the BBC’s Mike Thomson about the terrible suffering he experienced, which included electric shocks, beating, burns and death threats, after being kidnapped in Sudan. “God brought me out of the deepest darkness and only he knows what lies ahead for me now,” Semere said.

Kidnapped archbishops ‘not’ released

Confusion surrounds the whereabouts of two Orthodox archbishops kidnapped on Monday and reportedly released on Tuesday. The latest reports claim the archbishops have not been released, while it remains unclear who abducted them. The archbishops’ driver, identified as a deacon, was killed, while a fourth passenger escaped. Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos . . . Read More

Two Christian hospital workers abducted in Karachi, Pakistan

Two Christian hospital workers abducted in Karachi, Pakistan
Authorities do not know who abducted two Christian hospital employees in Karachi last week, but police sources said they suspected the kidnappers had links with banned terrorist organisations. There is a strong possibility that Islamic extremists took the two workers of South Korea-based Good Samaritan Hospital, Issac Samson and Indrias . . . Read More