Jill Ireland back in court as Malaysia considers Christians’ right to call God ‘Allah’

This is a Bahasa speaking church meeting in East Malaysia where the word Allah is used to refer to God. In 1986, the Malaysian government banned the usage of this word by Christians. The Catholic Herald fought against this ban for seven years in court but finally lost. This battle continues with the Jill Ireland case. (See article - Jill Ireland Case on 'Allah' Far from Over)
A Malaysian Christian woman’s campaign for Christians’ right to use the word “Allah” for “God” has resumed in Malaysia’s High Court. Jill Ireland has been campaigning for Christians’ right to use the word ever since immigration officials at a Kuala Lumpur airport seized eight Christian CDs from her in May . . . Read More

‘Allah’ is forbidden

A panel of judges in Malaysia ruled on Wednesday that The Herald, a Catholic weekly newspaper, has no basis to challenge an earlier federal court order to stop using the word “Allah” in its pages to name God. The Herald’s legal odyssey began  in 2009 when the government said the . . . Read More