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The politics of violence

Ahmed Zaki Osman has a piece posted at the Egypt Independent in which he views the violence against Egypt’s Copts during the past century through the prism of politics involving Egypt’s rulers and the coutnry’s Islamic blocs, with Christians as pawns. Osman’s timeline stretches back to the early days of the republic, following the sunset of . . . Read More

Words nice; action better

Via BBC “We need action not only words,” Pope Tawadros II, leader of Egypt’s Coptic Christians, told the private ONTV channel this week. The words came from President Mohammed Morsi, who telephoned Tawadros after Sunday’s attack on St. Mark’s Cathedral, where two people were killed by a mob. Morsi denounced . . . Read More

That explains it

Here’s why Lahore police stood by March 9 as 3,000 people burned more than 150 Christian homes in city’s Joseph Colony sector: “If any of them got killed the issue might have blown out of proportion and spread all across the country.” So said a government lawyer Wednesday to the Pakistan Supreme Court, according . . . Read More

Tunisian Islamic hardliners ascendant

Hamadi Jebali’s resignation as Tunisia’s prime minister has opened the door to Islamist hardliners in his Ennahda party to pick his successor. Jebali had wanted to form a government of non-partisan technocrats, but the plan has been stoutly opposed by Islamists who control the interior, justice and foreign ministries, and . . . Read More