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Iranian website ‘hacked’ again

Mohabat News, a website for Christians in Iran, claims “cyber hackers hired by the Islamic regime of Iran” hacked the site on a number of occasions, leaving its readers unable to view content. The website published a note, apologising for interruptions to its service and labelling the hacking a “cyber-crime” . . . Read More

Bishop’s death divides Catholic Church

The 96-year-old Chinese Catholic bishop described as the “most powerful above-ground bishop” (in contrast to the “underground” Catholic Church that follows the Vatican), Aloysius Jin Luxian, died on Saturday. Jin spent almost three decades in detention for his faith, then led the state-run Catholic Church in Shanghai from 1985. Thaddeus . . . Read More

A little consistency, please

“It was only a few months ago that the government said quite plainly that it would, when looking at its aid budget, take cognisance of whether a country had a record of persecuting or of tolerating homosexuals. “Now if it can do it for those groups it can do it . . . Read More

Kidnapped archbishops ‘not’ released

Confusion surrounds the whereabouts of two Orthodox archbishops kidnapped on Monday and reportedly released on Tuesday. The latest reports claim the archbishops have not been released, while it remains unclear who abducted them. The archbishops’ driver, identified as a deacon, was killed, while a fourth passenger escaped. Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos . . . Read More