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Abedini ‘accused of spying’

Iran’s Bultan News has accused Saeed Abedini, an Iranian-American pastor serving an eight-year prison sentence, of spying for the White House, according to Mohabat News. Abedini was also reportedly accused of spreading ‘Zionist Christianity’, planting house churches illegally and preying on vulnerable young Iranians, such as orphans and recovering drug addicts.

Korean ‘orphans’ could face execution

Nine young North Korean defectors arrested in Laos last month and sent home could face severe punishment or even execution, Reuters reports. Two South Korean missionaries were also arrested for attempting allegedly to help them find refuge in South Korea, according to the LA Times. UN spokesman Rupert Colville said . . . Read More

Nigeria in ‘Hezbollah’ arrests

Authorities in Nigeria say they’ve arrested three Lebanese nationals in connection with a cache of weapons found in an underground bunker in the northern city of Kano, the BBC reports. The weapons include 11 anti-tank weapons and mines, an RPG, two artillery guns and ammunitions including AK47 rifles. The authorities . . . Read More

The suffering of an Eritrean refugee

Philemon Semere, an Eritrean refugee, tells the BBC’s Mike Thomson about the terrible suffering he experienced, which included electric shocks, beating, burns and death threats, after being kidnapped in Sudan. “God brought me out of the deepest darkness and only he knows what lies ahead for me now,” Semere said.