‘Indonesia’s most important extremist ideologue’ faces death over church bombing

Radical Islamic cleric Aman Abdurrahman tells the court that what happened in Samarinda "violates what I believe about how to behave towards Christians”. (Photo: Hayati Nupus/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
A Muslim cleric alleged to have inspired an attack on a church playground in Indonesia, in which one child was killed and three injured, has denied inciting hatred. Aman Abdurrahman, 46, is facing a possible life sentence or even the death penalty for allegedly masterminding a series of bombings, including . . . Read More

‘Worship in the woods’ a year after Islamic extremists destroy Aceh churches

‘Worship in the woods’ a year after Islamic extremists destroy Aceh churches
Churches destroyed a year ago by Islamic extremists and police in Aceh Singkil – a rural ‘regency’ in Indonesia’s only Sharia-ruled province – have still not been rebuilt because of discrimination against Christians by local authorities, say church leaders. However, despite the troubles, church membership is climbing. Hardliners started destroying . . . Read More

Sharia by-law in Indonesia ‘biased against poor’

Residents of the Indonesian province of Aceh, in north-western Sumatra, have complained that the implementation of Sharia there appears to disproportionately target people of low status. The Islamic criminal code stipulates punishments such as caning for actions outlawed under Sharia, such as homosexual activity, adultery, drinking alcohol, gambling, rape and . . . Read More

Indonesian laws thwart new church plans

Protestant church leaders in Aceh, Indonesia are pushing for consistent application of Islamic law in the province, after the destruction of 10 churches in the last nine months, . Last August, a mob burned down the Pakpak Dairi Christian Protestant Church, killing one person and forcing thousands of Christians to . . . Read More

Indonesian Christians flee violent attacks

A church has been burnt down and another targeted in Indonesia’s Aceh province. Clashes broke out between Muslims and Christians following the arson on 13 October in the world’s most populous Muslim nation. One person was killed and dozens injured, while thousands of Christians fled the province, reports UCA News. . . . Read More

Death threats for educational church visit

UCAN, a Catholic news service in Asia, reports that an Indonesian university lecturer, Rosnida Sari, has received death threats after taking Muslim students on a trip to a Christian church. The threats began Jan. 5, after the Australia Plus website published an account by Sari, who teaches at the Islamic . . . Read More