‘Egypt’s challenge’

Two years on from the revolution in Egypt, the country’s media is still wrestling with its newfound ‘freedom of speech’. BBC World Service reporter Shaimaa Khalil says the country is “polarised between the Islamists and the liberals, with little common ground”.

Egyptian church burned

Officially, no cause has been determined for the Sunday fire that caused extensive destruction to the Coptic Church of the Virgin Mary in Tema, Egypt. Unofficially, suspicion has fallen upon Muslims who, according to Mideast Christian News, distributed a leaflet in December with this warning: “To the Crusaders of Tema and sons of . . . Read More

Sudan: ‘Christianisation’ a problem

Ammar Saleh, the Chairman of the Islamic Centre for Preaching and Comparative Studies in Khartoum, Sudan, has called “official bodies and the community to take a stand against ‘Christianisation’ and find a long-term solution to the problem”. (Sudan Tribune)

Pakistan condemns attacks on Lahore Christians

Pakistan condemns attacks on Lahore Christians
Pakistan’s national assembly joined a chorus of condemnation Monday following Saturday’s rioting in Lahore by Muslims that prompted Christians to flee before scores of their houses were burned. “We fled for our lives, do not ask us where we are,” a Christian teacher sobbed to World Watch Monitor before her . . . Read More

Tunisian Islamic hardliners ascendant

Hamadi Jebali’s resignation as Tunisia’s prime minister has opened the door to Islamist hardliners in his Ennahda party to pick his successor. Jebali had wanted to form a government of non-partisan technocrats, but the plan has been stoutly opposed by Islamists who control the interior, justice and foreign ministries, and . . . Read More

Threat to burn Bibles in wake of Sultan’s ban on word ‘Allah’

Threat to burn Bibles in wake of Sultan’s ban on word ‘Allah’
A threat this week to burn Bibles in the Malay language is the latest in a series of attacks on the Christian faith in Malaysia. A note sent to a Christian priest in Butterworth on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013 said a Bible-burning pesta or festival would take place in the . . . Read More