Over 100 Coptic Christians were killed in 2017 in a wave of deadly attacks by militants belonging to, or inspired by, the Islamic State group, which has vowed to “wipe them out”. Egypt’s Copts, who account for around 10 per cent of the population, were also targeted in 2013, after they were perceived as supporting the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government. Scores of churches across the country were attacked and burned.


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Coptic Pope backs protests

Egypt’s Coptic leader Pope Tawadros II has lent his support to the growing anti-Morsi protests, saying it is “wonderful to see the Egyptian people taking back their stolen revolution in a peaceful way”, reports Al-Ahram. Related Articles:Egypt’s elections and the man dividing the country’s CoptsCopt soldier’s family say he didn’t […]

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Egyptian ‘defamation’ verdict due

The trial of an Egyptian Christian teacher accused of defaming Islam and insulting Prophet Mohammed is expected to conclude at a third hearing scheduled for June 11, reports Middle East Concern. Twenty-four-year-old Dimyana Obeid Abd Al-Nour was arrested on May 8 after accusations by the parents of three students at Sheikh […]

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‘Egypt’s challenge’

Two years on from the revolution in Egypt, the country’s media is still wrestling with its newfound ‘freedom of speech’. BBC World Service reporter Shaimaa Khalil says the country is “polarised between the Islamists and the liberals, with little common ground”. Related Articles:‘There will never be peace for Nigeria’s…Persecution Watch […]

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Egyptian church burned

Officially, no cause has been determined for the Sunday fire that caused extensive destruction to the Coptic Church of the Virgin Mary in Tema, Egypt. Unofficially, suspicion has fallen upon Muslims who, according to Mideast Christian News, distributed a leaflet in December with this warning: “To the Crusaders of Tema and sons of […]

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