‘Christianity in Syria is under threat from forces the West is supporting’

‘Christianity in Syria is under threat from forces the West is supporting’
Two thousand years of Christianity in Syria could be wiped out by the very forces Western governments are supporting, an Anglican vicar has claimed. Rev. Andrew Ashdown, who has made ten trips to Syria since 2014 and is studying for a PhD in relations between Christians and Muslims there, also . . . Read More

Iran protests saw people ‘turn their backs on political Islam’

Ayatollah Khomeini
Iranians are challenging the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic because corruption and inequality undermine its ideals, a human rights activist has claimed. In an interview with World Watch Monitor, Mansour Borji, Iranian-born advocacy director of UK-based human rights charity Article 18, said the street protests that spread across the country . . . Read More

Nigeria in ‘Hezbollah’ arrests

Authorities in Nigeria say they’ve arrested three Lebanese nationals in connection with a cache of weapons found in an underground bunker in the northern city of Kano, the BBC reports. The weapons include 11 anti-tank weapons and mines, an RPG, two artillery guns and ammunitions including AK47 rifles. The authorities . . . Read More