10 facts about Pakistani Christians

Pakistani Christian-watchers can improve their religious literacy with a useful round-up of facts from stories published across the web. According to the list, the majority of Pakistan’s Christians are descendants of low caste Hindus who converted under the rule of the British to escape their position in society. Most found . . . Read More

Reports: Arrest made in Pakistan church bombings

Reports emerged April 29 from Pakistan that authorities have arrested at least one person suspected of responsibility for bombing two churches in March, killing 17 people. Citing unspecified “security agencies,” Pakistan Today that a man named Abid Baig Muaviya had been taken to an undisclosed location for interrogation in connection . . . Read More

No future in Pakistan as minority woman

Pakistan’s prime minister promised to provide equal rights for people of all religions in a speech over the Easter weekend. Nawaz Sharif said: “My government is committed to safeguarding the fundamental rights, safety, honour, life and property of all minority communities”. He added that minorities were granted “equal rights and . . . Read More

100s attend funerals of Pakistan Christians

Tight security surrounded the funerals in Lahore on Tuesday of Pakistan Christians killed by two Taliban suicide bomb attacks. Hundreds of Christians had to submit to security checks as they attended the funerals in Lahore’s biggest Christian neighbourhood. The bomb attacks on Sunday left 17 dead and more than 80 . . . Read More

After ‘Charlie’: latest incident of Pakistani Christians targeted by Muslim anger

Protests over their latest Charlie Hebdo cartoon depiction a weeping Prophet Mohammed holding a sign saying, 'I am Charlie', led to violence in the West African nation of Niger over the weekend January 18, 2015.

World Watch Monitor
The publication of Charlie Hebdo’s ‘memorial edition’, with its depiction of the Prophet Muhammad crying, sparked – in one or two countries – a violent backlash against Westerners in general and Christians in particular. It was notable in Niger, where 70 churches were destroyed, Algeria where police and protestors clashed, . . . Read More

Three more cases in which Pakistani Christians accused of blasphemy

A brick kiln in Pakistan where 24 bonded-labourer Christian families narrowly escaped a mob attack in December 2014.  (Photo: World Watch Monitor)
Three more cases of blasphemy accusations have emerged in Pakistan, even after a Christian couple’s beating to death and burning in a brick kiln after allegations of blasphemy horrified the world, including the metropolitan elite in the country. The Christian couple were killed over suspicions of desecrating the Qur’an on . . . Read More