Copts aid Egyptians’ evacuation from Libya

The Coptic Church has set up a “crisis unit” in order to facilitate rapid evacuation and repatriation of Egyptians still present in Libya – starting with those most affected by the fighting. Families of the expatriates have been urged to provide information to the Crisis Committee before Feb. 28. According . . . Read More

Egypt seeks international help against IS after 21 Christians beheaded

Egypt seeks international help against IS after 21 Christians beheaded
Egypt began seven days of national mourning after Islamist militants released a graphic video on 15 February, depicting the mass beheading of 20 Coptic Christians and a Ghanaian Christian in Libya. Originally it was believed that all 21 men were Coptic Egyptians, but on 25 February MidEast Christian News confirmed . . . Read More

Libyan militants hold 20 Egyptian Christians hostage

Libyan militants hold 20 Egyptian Christians hostage
Coptic families in Upper Egypt’s Minya province await news on their kidnapped relatives in Libya, January 2015.Photo: Watani The kidnapping of at least 20 Coptic Christians in two separate incidents in December and January has been claimed by Libyan militants affiliated with the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Seven of the Christians . . . Read More

Islamists kidnap 20 Egyptian Christians in Libya

The BBC reports that 13 kidnapped Egyptian Coptic Christian workers have been freed Jan. 5; they were suspected to be abducted by Islamist militants  in northern Libya around 2:30am on Jan. 3. This is the latest in a series of attacks on Egyptian Christians in Libya and occurred only a week after seven . . . Read More

‘Freedom of Religion’: comprehensive report launch

A report showing that religious freedom is compromised in nearly 60 percent of countries worldwide is expected to send a signal to governments and religious leaders that this is an issue that can no longer be ignored. The international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need’s Religious Freedom in . . . Read More

4 men abducted in Libya for being Christian

The Libya Herald has reported that a family of four Egyptian men, who were targeted specifically because they are Christian, was kidnapped in Libya on August 27 near Sirte. The Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedom said they were travelling with three Muslims when they were abducted at a checkpoint . . . Read More