How easy is it to live as a Christian in the Arabian Peninsula?

How easy is it to live as a Christian in the Arabian Peninsula?
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman.World Watch Monitor   There are currently hundreds of thousands of Christians living and worshipping in the Arabian Peninsula. Millions of labourers from predominantly poor Asian and African countries – many of them Christians – work long-term in the region. Most of the migrants . . . Read More

Middle East faith & money toxic for Horn of Africa

There’s a long-standing connection between the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, shaped by trade and faith. Former BBC Africa Editor Martin Plaut explores this relationship, which has caused increased tensions between and within the countries in the Horn, and which has affected the Christians there badly. Over centuries, . . . Read More

Anglicans raise ‘religious freedom’ with Muslims

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has led a delegation of Anglican leaders to the “Muslim Council of Elders” at a meeting in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to discuss integration and religious freedom. According to Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS), a letter by Anglican Communion Secretary General Dr Josiah Idowu-Fearon stressed . . . Read More

Coptic priests in Gulf meet to discuss challenges

Coptic priests in Gulf meet to discuss challenges
Egyptian priests serving in the Arab Gulf region have held their first conference to discuss challenges faced in the heartland of Islam: “Challenges facing Gulf priests and their wives”. The head of the largest group of Christians in the Middle East, Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II led bishops and priests . . . Read More

Clerics tell Muslims to protect minorities

More than 250 Muslim scholars, from over 120 countries, have called for religious freedom for non-Muslims in majority-Muslim countries. In a declaration signed on 27 January in Marrakesh, Morocco, the clerics said that it is wrong to discriminate against religious minorities in Muslim countries. They paid particular attention to Muhammad’s . . . Read More

‘Freedom of Religion’: comprehensive report launch

A report showing that religious freedom is compromised in nearly 60 percent of countries worldwide is expected to send a signal to governments and religious leaders that this is an issue that can no longer be ignored. The international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need’s Religious Freedom in . . . Read More